As preparations get under way at Silverstone for this weekend’s round of the F1 world championship, a full garage and pitwall set up devoted to the APXGP squad that Pitt drives for has been constructed. 

This weekend’s GP will mark the first time that filming for the as-yet unnamed Apple movie will take place at an F1 event. 

It is understood that there will be a combination of filming in the pits and paddock throughout this weekend to give the impression the team is competing, as well as there being between seven and eight sessions for the APXGP car to run exclusively on track. 

The machine is a modified F2 chassis that, with the help of Mercedes, has been converted to look like a contemporary F1 challenger. It has an extended wheelbase and has been fitted with numerous camera batteries and mounts. 

F1 posted the first official images of the car on Thursday morning, sporting a striking black-and-gold livery.


The story of the film revolves around Pitt who, having made an impressive early start to his F1 career, returns to the sport an as aged veteran with a back of the grid team. His team-mate will be Damson Idris. 

Director Joe Kosinski is clear that he wants to create the most authentic motor racing film ever – and one that can repeat the magic of both Le Mans and Grand Prix where real cars in real races were brought to the big screen. 

But while modern day complexities make it impossible for him to run extra cars in an official F1 session, he is clear that CGI technology will be able to help create the illusion of it happening. 

The fictional Apex GP car has been fitted with 15 extra camera positions to capture all the footage needed from the perspective of the movie characters. 

Plus, permission has been granted to mount special small movie cameras in the regular TV-camera houses on actual F1 cars in races this year.  

The film makers have also called on the services of Lewis Hamilton to assist them in making the film as real as possible, as he takes a producing partner role. 

Speaking recently about the film, Hamilton has said he was super excited to be involved. 

“It is kind of (director) Joe [Kosinski]'s focus to make sure that we're as embedded into this sport as possible, and it's current,” he said. 

"And for me, it's to make sure that it's authentic and that all of you and racing fans see its authenticity and say this is believable.  

“We also want to have a view of racing from a different perspective than you might see on TV and generally just a really cool sport.” 


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