The Amalgam Collection has a new 1:8 scale model of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 Vantage. The company has created the limited-edition model in exquisite detail, leaning on its long-established relationship with Aston Martin to gain access to vital information about the car.

Amalgam offers the DB5 Vantage in two configurations – Bespoke and Limited Edition. Both are expensive, with the limited-edition version costing €19,995 (approx. £17,000). The price jumps to €25,995 (£22,200) for the bespoke version. The company will build the bespoke DB5s to the owner’s exact specifications.

Gallery: Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Amalgam Collection Model

Each 1:8 scale car takes over 500 hours to build and measures over 22 inches long. The cars are hand made and assembled from thousands of parts, including CNC-machined metal components. Amalgam used original CAD designs and digital scans of the original car to recreate the details at scale.

Aston Martin assisted the company with archive imagery, drawings, paint codes, and material specifications. Amalgam finishes the DB5 Vantage – which has opening doors, engine, and boot – in Silver Birch with an all-black interior, using carbon fibre, rubber, and metal in the model’s construction.

Aston built the DB5 from 1963 to 1965. It featured a 4.0-litre straight-six engine making 282 bhp and 280 pound-feet of torque, which the automaker paired with a synchromesh five-speedXF gearbox, which pumped the power exclusively to the rear wheels. It could reach 60 miles per hour in about eight seconds.

The 1964 Jamies Bond movie Goldfinger propelled the car to fame. It would star in subsequent Bond films, with Aston introducing a £2.75-million DB5 Goldfinger Continuation car in 2020. The automaker limited it to just 25 examples, outfitting the vehicle with a simulated tire slasher, a fake oil slick delivery system, a do other novelty spy gear. The car did not come with a license to kill.

In addition to the limited 199 models, Amalgam will offer an owner of the real car the ability to commission a replica of their car’s specifications. The company’s relationship with Aston Martin, which started over 15 years ago, gives it access to a plethora of archived information and details about the specific car, allowing Amalgam to recreate every detail faithfully.