Dacia has officially confirmed that the Spring all-electric city car will get its first facelift in 2024, and it will get "significant improvements in design and equipment."

The Renault-owned carmaker also confirmed that the facelifted Dacia Spring will also enter the UK market from 2024, after launching in mainland Europe in March 2021 and selling over 120,000 copies since.

"We are thrilled that Dacia Spring will come to the UK in 2024. It will certainly be worth the wait! It will literally plug a gap in the UK electric car market for a highly usable, quality EV that won't break the bank and which makes electric vehicle ownership more realistic than ever."

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK

Xavier Martinet, Dacia's Senior Vice President for Marketing and Operations, added that "it is now the right time to introduce a pure electric vehicle" to the UK seeing as Dacia sales in the country are surging year-on-year. "I'm confident that Spring will we be as popular in the UK as it has proved throughout the rest of Europe," Martinet said.

While we know the refreshed Dacia Spring is coming in 2024, details on the updates remain scarce. Dacia's design boss David Durand told Autocar that the current version of Europe's most affordable EV is "lacking a bit of modernity" and it "needs to be reconsidered to express more of this electric trend." 

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Durand said the facelifted Spring won't stray too far from the current car, as "the general recipe of the Spring is a good one."

This likely means the 2024 Spring will remain a baby crossover with upright proportions, protective body cladding, and decent ground clearance. Expect styling upgrades such as new light signatures, wheel designs, colour options and trim elements that will bring it closer in line with the rest of Dacia's lineup.

An interior refresh is also a possibility, with the Spring likely to get new tech features and materials. Since the facelifted model will remain based on Renault Group's CMF-A platform, the drivetrain may not see many changes.

The Dacia Spring currently has a single-motor, front-wheel-drive powertrain consisting of a 44-bhp motor and a 28.6-kilowatt-hour battery; it offers a WLTP driving range of 140 miles (230 kilometres) and it's priced from €17,300 in France.

In early 2023, Dacia also introduced a more powerful 64-bhp Extreme variant paired with the same battery – maybe Dacia will make this the standard powertrain for the facelifted model. We'll learn if that's the case next year, when Dacia said it would release full details of the refresh, including launch date, pricing and specifications.