A 1961 Chevrolet Corvette convertible is the latest piece of automotive art to join the Lego Icons line. The model goes on sale on 1 August for £129.99.

The kit consists of 1,210 pieces. The Corvette measures roughly 32 centimetres (13 inches) long, 14 cm (6 in) wide, and 10 cm (4 in) tall when complete. Lego recommends the model for builders who are over 18.

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The small-scale Corvette features an opening bonnet that exposes a V8 engine, and the radiator fan even spins. There's working steering, too. Three sets of number plates come with the model.

The hardtop matches the body and also comes off. The cabin has details like pedals, the gearshift, radio, rearview mirror, and a turning steering wheel. 

The Corvette debuted for the 1953 model year. Things had changed significantly by the time of this 1961. The earliest 'Vettes had single headlamps, and it adopted a pair of lights on each side for the 1958 model. The '61 was the first example with four circular taillamps as part of a revised rear end.


The 'Vette originally only came with an inline-six engine. A V8 became available for the '55 model. By '61, there were five tunes of a 283 cubic-inch (4.64-litre) V8, according to Vette Facts. Two of them had fuel injection.

The '62 Corvette was the final model for the first generation. The styling was largely similar to the '61, except for not being available with a two-tone body. The engine displacement increased to 327 cubic inches (5.4 litres).

Lego's Icons line uses the plastic blocks to create detailed models. Earlier in 2023, it introduced a kit for the classic Land Rover Defender 90 that came with lots of accessories like tools and recovery boards. The company charged £209.99 for the little SUV.

In 2022, the Lego Icons line added a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that buyers could build as a convertible and with different stripe colors. Optimus Prime received a model that could transform into a semi-truck. The DeLorean DMC-12 got a kit with parts for constructing it like each of the three films in the Back to the Future series. The classic Vespa 125 scooter even received some attention.