Ineos always planned to offer more models than just the existing SUV, and the company has just released the first teaser for the upcoming Grenadier Quartermaster pickup. The full debut will be on 13 July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the truck will also make a run up the hill climb.

The teaser shows the truck from the back. There are circular taillights like the lamps on the existing Grenadier SUV. A prominent "Grenadier" wordmark spans the tailgate.

Gallery: Ineos Grenadier pickup truck spy photos

Ineos confirms the Grenadier Quartermaster is a double-cab truck and that the underpinnings come from the existing model. The company isn't providing any other details yet.

Spy shots (above) give us a glimpse of the Grenadier Quartermaster without its cargo bed. The circular taillights are there, though. The passenger compartment looks identical to the SUV variant. The truck reportedly rides on a 125-inch wheelbase rather than the SUV's 115-inch length.

Since the underpinnings are the same, we would expect the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup to share engines with the SUV. In Europe, the vehicle is available with two BMW-sourced inline-six engines. The petrol-fuelled unit makes 281 bhp and 332 pound-feet of torque. A turbodiesel produces 245 bhp and 406 lb-ft.

Ineos will also bring the Grenadier Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrator to Goodwood and will also drive it up the hill climb.

Plus, there will be an off-road course near the event where folks will be able to get behind the wheel of the Grenadier SUV. 

The Grenadier SUV is already for sale in the United Kingdom since December 2022. Prices start at  £55,030, and there are Station Wagon and Staion Wagon (Belfast Editions) available from £58,030 and £69,240, respectively. The BMW sourced 3.0-litre petrol and diesel engines are the only powerplant available in the UK. The sole gearbox is an eight-speed automatic with a two-speed transfer case and permanent four-wheel drive. Locking front and rear differentials are an available option

Ineos plans to introduce an electric, all-wheel-drive SUV in 2026. It would be smaller than the existing Grenadier. Later, a second model would reportedly share the EV's underpinnings and would put more of an emphasis on on-road comfort rather than off-road ability. Finally, the brand would introduce a luxury version of the Grenadier. All of these models allegedly arrive by 2030.