The Alfa Romeo Tonale is joining the Carabinieri, Italy’s police force. The automaker will deliver 400 hybrid crossovers to the agency between July and late 2024, and they will join the mobile radio unit that operates throughout the country.

The Tonale hybrid uses an electrified 1.5-litre four-cylinder that makes 163 bhp that pairs with the automaker’s seven-speed TCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. The crossovers will wear the mobile radio unit’s traditional red-and-blue livery with a white roof.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Tonale Joins The Carabinieri

Alfa Romeo redesigned the crossover’s cabin so officers could fit specific equipment like bulletproof vests and firearms. The police-ready Tonale also has a single cell for secure prisoner transport, flashing blue LED lights, a two-tone electric siren, and partial armour to protect the officers.

The automaker supplied its first vehicles to the Carabinieri in 1951, readying the 1900 M “Matta” for duty. The 1900 saloon would soon follow before the Giulia joined the force in the 1960s. Various other Alfa vehicles like the Alfetta, the Alfa Romeo 90, the Alfa Romeo 155, and others served over the years. The agency even has a few high-powered Giulia Quadrifoglio saloons running around. Many are on display at the Alfa Romeo Museum in the “Alfa Romeo in Uniform” exhibit.

The Tonale will help diversify the Carabinieri’s police force, giving the organisation greater versatility when responding to emergencies, as it’s the first compact crossover to join the mobile radio unit. The crossover will serve next to the Giulia already in the fleet. The Giulia joined in 2021, 50 years after Alfa delivered its first car to the law enforcement agency.

Alfa hasn’t been the only automaker to supply the Carabinieri with vehicles over the years. In 2015, SEAT delivered the Leon to the organisation, which arrived with a retuned suspension and all the kit required by law enforcement agencies, like armour, emergency lights, and more.

Police departments worldwide use various makes and models for duty, and the lineup is ever-changing. In the US, you’ll find the Ford Explorer and Dodge Charger as popular choices, but electric vehicles are also starting to pop up in rearview mirrors. And some departments will always be eager to add high-performance cars to their fleets to ensure they can keep up with the quickest criminals.