Mercedes has figured out a clever way to make some extra money by inviting people to get an early look at a future model before its official debut. Known as the AMG GT Live Sneak Preview, it's an event that will be hosted next month in Affalterbach for those who are eager to see the second-generation AMG GT Coupe ahead of its world premiere. It will be held every day between 10 and 13 July, but the first three days are already fully booked.

Aside from checking out the new GT Coupe in the metal, the full-day visit at the home of AMG gives attendees the opportunity to drive the SL63, C63 S E Performance, and EQE 53. Upon arrival, participants will have breakfast in the AMG Private Lounge before receiving a mandatory safety briefing. After that, you'll get a tour of the factory where magic happens and then a product expert will tell you all there is to know about the new Porsche 911 rival.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Spy Photos

To take part in the event, Mercedes says you must be 21 years old and a member of the AMG Private Lounge Community. Obviously, you're also going to need a valid driver's license to get behind the wheel of those AMGs. The event – which will have groups of no more than 24 people – will be held in German and English. After the event ends, attendees will receive images taken by a professional photographer. To take part, it costs €450 or about £385 at current exchange rates.

We still don't know when the 2024 AMG GT Coupe will be publicly revealed, but since the private debut is set to take place in a couple of weeks, the world premiere is likely around the corner. One can assume those who will take part in the AMG GT Live Sneak Preview will have their smartphones taken away to avoid spoiling the big debut. That said, we've seen our fair share of blurry images secretly taken at these events on social media, so don't be too surprised if someone will be able to sneak in a phone.