With its unprecedented capability for all-electric performance, the Rimac Nevera has revolutionised the hypercar world and rewrote the rulebook of automotive performance, and the famed Triple F Collection now has one in their garage.

Delivered to them by Mate Rimac himself in a double-delivery ceremony, the addition of a Rimac Nevera to the Triple F Collection’s garage was quite the spectacle, and part of that was a demonstration from Mate Rimac of just how capable the Nevera was of delivering incredible performance.

Mate Rimac drove the car, slamming the accelerator to the floor and demonstrating the practically instantaneous delivery of the electric torque and immense power that the car possesses, which unbridled rockets the machine from 0-60 in under two seconds.

As one of the fastest hypercars ever, and one leading the charge of electrification in the performance world, the 1-of-150 Rimac Nevera is an amazing addition to the Triple F Collection, and to any collection that it happens to be a part of.

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