We'll never know what Enzo Ferrari would've thought of the Purosangue. From the outside, it's easy to criticise the Prancing Horse for jumping on the SUV bandwagon, but the Maranello brand isn't running a charity. It's a business that needs to be profitable to grow, and we've all seen how the likes of Cayenne, Urus, and DBX have helped the respective brands blossom.

All these high-end automakers continue to sell their core models, so purists can still have their sports cars. The same holds true for Ferrari as it hasn't introduced the Purosangue to the detriment of its low-slung machines. In fact, the Italian marque's lineup has never been this diverse, and it's one of the last companies that still offers V12-powered cars in an age when downsizing is on every regulator's lips.

The Purosangue happens to be one of them. Mind you, this isn't just any version, but one that has been customised by Piero Ferrari himself. The only living son of Il Commendatore decided to honour his father by choosing to paint the high-performance SUV in Verde Dora to echo Enzo’s 400 Superamerica built in 1962. It eschews the panoramic glass in favour of a carbon roof and rides on diamond-cut forged wheels finished in opaque Winter Grey. Inside, there's Jade brown leather to echo the cream interior of Piero's source of inspiration.

The unusually coloured Purosangue showcases the diverse customisation options available through Ferrari's Tailor Made programme. Much like his father did with the 400 Superamerica, the 78-year-old businessman will be driving the unique SUV. If you're curious about what happened to Enzo's car, it rests at the Revs Institute museum in Florida. It has never been restored, but the Ferrari founder did change the interior and repainted the front fascia.