The whole Porsche 911 lineup has a refresh coming, including the particularly sporty GT3. This spy video catches the model lapping the Nürburgring and driving on the roads near the circuit.

There are a few cars on display in this video, judging by the number plates. Some of them have lower inlets that look similar to the current car, and this area is under concealment panels on other vehicles (see below). The dual outlets are still at the tip of the nose.

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Previous development vehicles have masking around the headlights, and they appear to gain integrated turn signals. The vehicles in this video are going too quick to get a good look at them.

There are no obvious changes to the flanks. Some of these cars have yellow calipers, indicating they have carbon-ceramic discs. Other cars have black stoppers, which points to having aluminium rotors.

At the back, the development team continues covering the bumper with a panel to hide the final design. A pair of exhaust outlets continue to exit out of the centre. A swan-neck-mounted wing attaches to the rear deck.

Other test vehicles have had revised intakes on the engine cover. We can't get a good enough look to see those tweaks in this clip.

The 911 GT3 sounds fantastic in this video. Powertrain changes remain a mystery. The current model makes 502 bhp, and the RS bumps that output to 518 bhp.

Inside, we know that the updated 911 Carrera gets a fully digital instrument cluster. We don't have a good look inside the GT3 yet, but the sporty model could also receive this upgrade.

In addition to the regular GT3, a new Touring is coming, too. Like the current one, it wouldn't have a rear wing.

There are no details available yet about when the refreshed 911 debuts. We expect the unveiling to happen before the end of the year. Porsche generally staggers the release of revised models. If this is the case, we'd see the 911 Carrera first, and the GT3 would come later.

If you want the meanest 911 around, then a new GT2 RS is also coming. It has a gargantuan wing and reportedly makes over 700 bhp.