This Sunday, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen was a special guest at the inaugural Electrified Cars & Coffee at Petersen Automotive Museum in California.

Franz von Holzhausen arrived at the event in a Tesla Cybertruck, which appears to be close to a production version.

Let's take a look at the pretty interesting set of first videos and photos, shared on social media by Tesla enthusiasts. We guess that later some longer videos might be released on YouTube as well.

First video is the Tesla Cybertruck driven by Franz von Holzhausen in a relatively tight corner - the rear-wheel steering definitely helps:


Here is a closer look at the rear-wheel steering in a car park.


Reversing and manoeuvring:


A little bit of presentation and test ride. The front windows can roll all the way down. We don't know whether that's the case in the rear yet.


For Tesla Cybertruck users, one of the most important things will be the electrified tonneau cover. Normally, it should be closed to maximise range, but it must also work smoothly and reliably to utilise the cargo area when needed.

It seems that Tesla's system works fine and operated pretty smoothly on the test vehicle:


Now two videos in one tweet - the left shows the cargo area, while the right shows some details like cameras, lights, undercarriage and windscreen wiper:


In the case of the Tesla Cybertruck's cameras, their red colour suggests that this is the latest HW4 version.


In terms of panel gaps, it's hard to judge anything based just on a few images. Some appear to be happy with what they saw, while others found some issues. We must remember that this is not a series-produced vehicle anyway.


Photos of the interior give us confirmation about perforated seats, which means a seat ventilation feature is likely.


The Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging inlet is located in the left-rear bed side panel - behind a small flap. There is a light for charging status, shaped as a triangle, to remind us of the Cybertruck's shape. Time will tell whether this location does not get too dirty.


A short video shows us the cargo area as well as the charging port: