In 1987 the Ford Mustang GT was the victim of some questionable styling choices that not everybody loved. To be fair, a lot of 80s fashion was about questionable styling choices. But there was nothing questionable about the revised 5.0-litre V8, which added 25 ponies to produce an impressive for that era 225 bhp. That's why today, it makes a solid choice for a relatively affordable, practical classic driver. 

According to M.A.D. Detailing, this white 1987 Ford Mustang GT convertible has sat outside for the better part of 19 years, most likely under a tree, judging by the accumulation of sap and twigs. The interior fared no better. There's grime on the doors and window switches and mildew on the carpet and red cloth seats, all of which have faded from prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

A thorough wash quickly removes the grime and dirt from the paint and wheels. The white convertible top shines up, looking respectable despite some wear around the edges. The next step is applying an iron eraser to loosen and remove iron particles built up in the paint's clear coat, which brightens up the white paint. 

Moving on to the interior, the first step is to remove the seats. After 19 years outside, the interior probably smells worse than a high school boy's gym locker. Fortunately, it appears rodent free, so wherever it sat, it didn't become a mini mouse mansion

Even though the carpet and upholstery are faded, the M.A.D. Detailing crew are able to make them look respectable. After wetting down the upholstery, they use a general-purpose upholstery cleaner and leather conditioner with a detail brush to get the stains out. Then they move on to the dashboard and console. The vinyl and plastics are surprisingly free of cracks or warping, which happens when a vehicle is left out in the sun for years. 

One of the biggest tips in this video involves using chemicals and a steamer. The recommendation is not to use them on an old, classic vehicle unless you have a lot of experience because it is very easy to crack or damage trim and upholstery. Steamers are very effective because they heat the surface but can also easily melt plastic and vinyl. It's always better to go slow and take your time instead of having to go back and fix something later.