After lots of speculation, Nissan finally confirmed the Nismo Z was happening, and the company did it in spectacular fashion. Not only does the 44-second teaser video provide a great look at the higher-performance model's exterior, but there's a decent glimpse inside the cabin, too. Unfortunately, a debut date isn't yet available. The automaker says, "Stay tuned for full details later this summer."

Compared to the standard Z, the Nismo features a more aggressive body. The Nissan designers add a more prominent front splitter and a red stripe that outlines the body's lower edge. Additional pieces extend the rear spoiler to the quarter panels. A new back bumper has a more angular look than the existing car and features Nismo branding in the centre. The gloss black wheels also have the Nismo emblem on them.

The video includes a brief look under the bonnet, but the layout appears the same as the existing Z. We can't yet rule out tweaks to the engine that would take the output beyond the current 400 bhp and 350 pound-feet of torque.

Inside, there are heavily bolstered seats with Nismo branding on the headrests and the Recaro badge on the shoulder portion. The Nismo wordmark also appears as part of the digital instrument cluster graphics. The tachometer's redline remains at 7,000 rpm like on the existing model. This one seems to have an automatic gearbox. There's no indication whether a manual would also be available.

In this video, three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg is behind the wheel of the Nismo Z. He shows off how easy it is to slide the car and does donuts, too.

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Spy shots (above) already caught the Nismo Z under development in the US. The details on that car match closely with what's visible in this teaser.

The Nissan Z Proto Spec is currently the range-topping of the sports coupe, and it starts at $56,380. Based on previous Nismo models, we'd expect the new one to cost a bit more than this.

Since the new Nismo Z premieres later in the summer, it's conceivable that it could be in showrooms before the end of the year. If not, we'd expect to see the model on sale in early 2024.