When one member of a model series receives a refresh, automakers generally update the whole family. This is precisely the case for the upcoming revisions to the BMW 4 Series. This gallery includes images of the tweaked coupe, convertible, and M4 hardtop under development. BMW limits the changes to the front and rear for all three of these vehicles.

The 4 Series Coupe features a more aggressive lower fascia thanks to the optional M Sport Package. There are vertical air curtains on the outer edges. There are openings with two horizontal strakes closer to the centre. The big kidney grilles are still a significant part of the design, but there are now additional inlets along the lower edges. The headlights have internal graphics. 

Gallery: BMW 4 Series LCI Spy Photos Coupe, Cabrio, And M4

The revisions at the rear are harder to see because of the camouflage. The bumper has slightly revised sculpting. The covering over the taillights suggests there might be new styling for the lamps.

The design updates are similar for the 4 Series convertible. It has a new lower fascia with three strakes in the inlets. The headlights appear to have the same changes as the coupe. At the back, this car has two circular exhaust pipes, whereas the coupe has trapezoidal outlets.

The M4 gets a front fascia with larger inlets on each side of the grille and air curtains on the outer edges. The updated headlights and covered taillights match the other two vehicles. Four exhaust pipes continue to emerge from beneath the bumper, but additional revisions are hard to spot.

None of the photos provide a great look into the updated 4 Series. We aren't expecting major upgrades, though. The infotainment system might get an upgrade to the latest software.

Powertrain changes are also a mystery. As BMW increasingly transitions to electrification, we wouldn't expect the brand to introduce any all-new combustion powerplants for the refreshed 4 Series.

The available information suggests BMW plans to put the updated 4 Series into production in early 2024. The debut of a new product is generally before assembly begins, meaning the premiere would likely be in late 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.

Check out the existing 4 Series: