Everybody sometimes forgets some trash inside the car, be it a parking validation ticket or maybe a receipt from the food store. But eventually, you see the piece of paper (or whatever else might be forgotten) in the door pocket and take it to the trash bin.

With this being said, it’s hard to understand how some people get the interior of their cars so dirty that it looks like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Case in point, the video embedded above shows a red 2013 Dodge Dart that has seen much better days, at least on the inside.

Driving to the shop of The Detailing Geek, who posted the YouTube video on his official channel, Google Maps took the owner of the car on an unpaved road that turned into mud, rather than offering a route on the more civilised, paved road to the detailer. But while the state of the exterior is easy to explain, it’s the interior where things get interesting. 

And by interesting I mean disgusting. Absolutely filthy. Gut-wrenching to see and, I imagine, smell. You can pick whichever description you want, but the fact of the matter is that the 2013 Dodge Dart shown in the video above sure needs a lot of love to make it a bearable driving experience. 

Thankfully, the man with the foam gun looks like he knows what he’s doing, so he first gets all the mud off the bodywork and then proceeds to clean the interior, bit by bit.

The boot liner gets a thorough clean with the help of a pressure washer and a round brush on the end of a cordless drill, and then the carpets get vacuumed like there’s no tomorrow, but not before removing all of the empty plastic cups, trash, and toilet paper.

The state of the back seat is particularly worrying, with all sorts of nasty stains that would make any germaphobe hyperventilate. But again, a dab of some special carpet cleaner and the round brush attached to the cordless drill appear to do pure magic, as the result is nothing short of impressive.

It’s almost as bad as this Fiat 124 Spider that spent 38 years in a garage and during this time it got some unwelcome mice that decided to make every nook and cranny a cozy home.

Getting back to the Dodge, nothing gets left behind and when it’s all said and done, it looks like it rolled off the assembly line just a couple of minutes ago. But it’s better if you see for yourself.