Italy's Aehra, an EV startup that focuses on ultra-premium electric cars, has today revealed the exterior design of its second model, the Saloon.

Unveiled at the Milano Monza Motor Show in concept form, the Aehra Saloon is based on the same EV platform as the Aehra SUV that was first shown last year. Actually, the two models were conceived in tandem, and that's pretty obvious when looking at them side by side.

The Saloon shares the same design language and body surface treatment as the Aehra SUV, but it's obviously lower and features distinct front and rear ends. 

Highlights include the clean side profile with an uninterrupted fluid line and no visible door handles, the aggressive front end with sleek headlights and sculpted front bumper that includes active aero and cooling elements, and the tapered rear end with razor-sharp LED taillights. The double-falcon doors that open upwards and the aero-optimised digital side mirrors are also hard to ignore.

The company continues to keep the interior a secret, but it shouldn't be too different from the SUV's high-tech cabin that features a screen as wide as the windscreen that partially retracts in the dashboard. 

Gallery: Aehra Sedan

Aehra was not that generous with powertrain details either, noting that the Saloon features a bespoke battery solution developed in partnership with Miba Battery Systems, which should enable a targeted range just shy of 500 miles.

However, according to an earlier report from Autocar, the Saloon will get the same 800-bhp tri-motor AWD powertrain from the SUV and a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

We also learn from the press release that the Aehra Sedan uses "ultra-advanced, exceptionally light, highly sustainable composite materials" that are typically used on supercars and hypercars, including forged carbon fibre technologies.

All this sounds great and the car looks stunning, but will it really happen? We obviously don't have an answer to this question, but Aehra says it has "substantial private funding in place" that will allow it to start delivering the Saloon and SUV to customers in Europe and North America by 2026. It's worth noting that's one-year delay from the initial target of 2025.

The luxury EVs will become available later on in China and the Gulf States. As for pricing, the electric luxury saloon is expected to start around €160,000 (£137,000), which would make it a rival for the Porsche Taycan Turbo.

Aehra's design boss Filippo Perini, who used to work for Lamborghini in the past overseeing the design of iconic models such as the Murcielago, Aventador, Huracan, Centenario, and Urus, said the production version of the Saloon will look virtually identical to what you see in the gallery above. Fingers crossed for that.