Bugatti is recalling one 2023 Chiron Super Sport. The supercar, built in March, left the factory with the incorrect wheels, which could negatively affect the Chiron’s driving behaviour in Top Speed Mode. It’s the latest one-car recall where an automaker had to fix a single model.

In April, Land Rover recalled one 2023 Range Rover in the US. The SUV’s 4.4-litre V8 engine could have leaked oil onto the exhaust manifold and caused a fire. Mercedes joined the club last December when it had to recall a lone 2022 S-Class for an “insufficiently attached” dashboard. Oh, and this isn’t Bugatti’s first one-car recall, either. Last year, the bespoke brand had to issue one for a 2018 Chiron because of a loose screw.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Safety Recall Report, the newly affected Chiron had lightweight (Leichtbaurad) BBS wheels designed for the Chiron Sport installed. Bugatti never validated them for use on the Chiron Super Sport variant. Whilst the wrong wheels can affect the vehicle’s driving behaviour, the risk only applies when the vehicle is in Top Speed Mode. The Bugatti is safe to drive in all other modes.

The Chiron left the factory with the wrong wheels because there were no restrictions in the IT system to prevent the customer from selecting the Chiron Sport lightweight BBS rims on the Chiron Super Sport. The wheels could negatively influence the car’s aerodynamics, reducing downforce that could disrupt the handling at dangerously high speeds. Bugatti says it has checked all remaining configured but not yet assembled Super Sport models and didn’t find the wrong wheels on any other vehicle.

Bugatti will contact the owner to schedule replacing the rims for free. It’ll confiscate the wrong ones to ensure no one installs them on the wrong vehicle. The replacement will include new tyres, valves, and sensors.

The US auto industry is massive, with automakers selling 13.7 million cars last year. Whilst recalls often affect tens or hundreds of thousands of vehicles, sometimes just one model squeaks by with an issue. This one is a minor one, and we hope it doesn’t inconvenience the owner too much. Just keep it out of Top Speed Mode until the new shoes are on.