Something strange happened on the 26th of September 2015 that transcended the world of auto racing to become an incident of global interest. At the start of a Porsche one-make race in Spain, a small collision took place on the first lap that saw one 911 come to rest neatly atop another one. Now, that bizarre collision is captured in a detailed 1:43 scale diorama depicting the corner, skid marks galore, and the two damaged race cars.

Spark Models is the company behind this build. Known for producing a wide range of diecast race car replicas, this could be the first time any company designed and created a specific crash in such detail. The two Porsche 911 race cars aren't simply stacked either – Spark Models accurately recreates the liveries for the two cars involved in the crash, then applies simulated damage to each that's also race accurate. As for the track, it represents turn three at Circuito de Navarra in Spain though the final resting spot for the cars isn't as accurate as the cars themselves. Still, we get the idea. And we love it.

To refresh your memory, the actual crash occurred less than 30 seconds into the Porsche Carrera Cup France race. Drivers Jules Gounon, Alexander Cougnud, and Joffrey de Narda were fighting for the lead when Cougnud tapped De Narda. This spun De Narda (driving the no. 9 Porshce) around just ahead of the very sharp turn three at Navarra, leaving De Narda in the unwelcome position of facing traffic.

Still, we doubt he expected to see the underside of Gounon's no. 169 driving up the windscreen. Wheel-to-wheel contact with Cougnud sent Gounon airborne just enough to clear De Narda's nose. Momentum carried the green-trimmed Porsche neatly to the roof, with the nose resting on the rear wing. The balance was near perfect, though Gounon did suffer minor injuries. As for De Narda, repairs were made and he was back on track to score a victory later in the race weekend.

On its website, Spark Models states the 1:43 scale model of the crash is still in development. However, preorders through retailers such as Hobby Search have begun, showing a price of approximately £123 with an estimated release date of September 2023.