The refreshed Porsche Taycan is back in black at the Nurburgring, looking particularly shiny as it laps the track. Of course, we believe this isn't an ordinary Taycan trim, but rather, a 1,000-plus bhp model that could wear a Turbo GT moniker.

Before diving into the details of this new batch of spy photos, let's give a shout-out to the driver of this Taycan prototype. It's clearly a wet day in Germany for this particular outing, and if the car in question indeed packs a 1,000-bhp punch, this person behind the wheel is surely doing some sawing to stay out of trouble. If things do go sideways (figuratively and literally) we can easily see a hefty roll cage mounted inside. That's actually a good indication that we are indeed dealing with a Taycan Turbo GT prototype here.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Turbo GT New Spy Photos

More evidence comes with the big wing at the back. We've seen this wing before, fixed into position above the Taycan's lip spoiler on the boot lid. Also, take notice of the insanely large brakes behind the front wheels, and for that matter, the wheels themselves. This snowflake-style design could be specific to the Turbo GT. Driving the wheels is almost certainly a new tri-motor system versus the Taycan's dual-motor layout. It's believed this will be necessary to elevate the electric saloon to the 1,000-bhp level, where top trims of both the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S live. And those cars feature tri-motor powertrains.

As for other Taycan changes, a mid-cycle refresh is coming and as per usual with Porsche, changes are concealed with black plastic and tape. We can easily see a revised front fascia, possibly sporting new corner intakes or lower driving lamps with a rounded shape. Updated headlights are visible, utilising the HD Matrix tech that debuted with the 2024 Porsche Cayenne. Changes at the rear appear minimal, with the Turbo GT possibly getting some extra aero tweaks along the lower corners.

We believe the updated Taycan will debut before the end of the year, possibly as a 2024 model. Depending on the timing, this could be the 2025 Taycan as well.