Jeremy Clarkson has made good on his promise to gift beer to the Alpine Formula 1 team after Esteban Ocon finished on the podium at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Grand Tour presenter has found F1 hard to steer clear of this season after attending the Bahrain season opener, his first time at a track "in years".

On that occasion, he listed all the teams that he would have cause to support but gave special mention to Alpine, a team that is based close to him.

The Monaco Grand Prix saw Clarkson throw his backing behind the Enstone-based team, tweeting mid-race: "Come on Alpine. I'll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here."

Unaware of the extra pressure resting on his shoulders, Ocon duly held on to become the first driver not from the top three teams to feature on the podium this term.

As Ocon took the chequered flag, Clarkson added: "Well done Alpine. I owe you many Hawkstones."

Now Clarkson has come good on his word, arriving at the Alpine factory with his tractor and a trailer full of beer.


Taking to social media, Alpine welcomed the refreshing delivery, saying: "Delivering on his word. Cheers for the beers, Jeremy Clarkson."

Not one to want to miss an opportunity, Clarkson also made use of his access to the Alpine F1 car to place his brew’s branding on the A523.

Jeremy Clarkson with Alpine team members 2023

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