When a bike crashes, it usually signals the end of a ride, but does the same crash mean the end of the bike’s life? Accidents happen to the best of us, but here is a classic (quite literally) example of “it’ll buff out.” 

Jish, on YouTube, specialises in custom motorcycle content on the platform with some cars in the mix in recent months. As a content creator for motorcycles, he’s gathered experience from customising a Suzuki GS250, a Yamaha XJ650, and now this Triumph Street Scrambler 900. After completing the Suzuki about a year ago, buying a BMW 235i, and announcing new projects on the horizon, he’s back to building motorcycles, and this time it's the Triumph’s turn to shine. 

Though, it’s not quite shiny at the moment, so as predicted, a bike wash was in order, but even with a bit of dirt caked on, it doesn’t take a trained eye to see that the Street Scrambler was quite roughed up after its encounter with a truck. Stuff like the exhaust headers was bent in, the mufflers were nowhere to be seen, the handlebars looked a little worse for wear, and even a side cover was missing. Luckily, it’s a classic, and the damage doesn’t look to signal the end of the road for the Street Scram. 

So the first part of this video is mostly an introduction paired with a short checklist of first-orders-of-business, which include the absolutely mangled example of an exhaust pipe on this crashed Street Scrambler. Even if the bike could start, with a newly-installed Yuasa battery, the exhaust gasses would probably have nowhere to go. That, along with the engine cover was also addressed, while Jish was at it, a new change of oil was given to the Street Scram. 

Following that, it was all a matter of starting it up and letting it rev up after a long hibernation. The bike starts, and that’s the green light for more mods. Check out the channel and stay tuned for more episodes on this restoration from Jish.