The Jaguar E-type has cemented quite a legacy in the automotive industry, being described by many as one of if not the most beautiful car ever made, and also renowned for its innovative performance in its time, as well as luxury.

Today, it remains one of the sports cars that define the genre and inspires modern automotive creations, and for those reasons and many more, it’s deserving of its status as a proud moment in Jaguar history that the British manufacturer reflects on often.

In 1961, just after the E-type was first revealed, “Project ZP” was a pair of lightly modified racing E-type cars that gave the legendary E-type its very first racing victories. The two cars are described by their registration numbers: “ECD 400” and “BUY 1,” and they were driven in the 60s by Graham Hill and Roy Salvadori respectively.

To celebrate these incredible cars, Jaguar Classic has revealed the E-Type ZP Collection, a limited-edition run of restored Jaguar E-Types inspired by the race cars.

Gallery: Jaguar E-type ZP Collection

The Oulton Blue convertible is inspired by Graham Hill’s “ECD 400” car, with a red leather interior and the Crystal Grey coupe is inspired by Roy Salvadori’s “BUY 1” car, with a dark blue interior.

Other touches that boost the exclusivity of the car include Bridge of Weir leather upholstery and an aluminium console engraved by Johnny “King Nerd” Dowell. The car is powered by a 3.8-litre straight-six engine mated to a Jaguar Classic-developed 5-speed manual transmission.

Only 7 pairs of the cars will be made, for a total of 14 cars, but Jaguar Classic has also promised that a limited-edition run of matching F-TYPEs will be made later this year, with fourteen reserved for E-type ZP Collection clients, as a celebration of Jaguar history before the brand enters its electric era in 2025.

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