Hyundai has been going back and forth about a production version of the stunning N Vision 74 concept and honestly, it is still unclear whether it will actually happen. We don’t know what’s inside the execs’ minds but we do know we love the idea of a modern-day Pony Coupe inspired by the hydrogen-powered show car. To give you an idea of what such a product could look like, we have a batch of digital drawings previewing a Pony successor for the new era.

Obviously, these aren’t official Hyundai photos despite the fact that they are accompanied by a press release coming from their creator – talented artist Brian Kim and the WRDº team. The quality of the renderings is amazing though, and to our eyes, this is a worthy successor to the original Pony Coupe. Something we'd love to see on the road in this form.

Gallery: Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept renderings

And even though what you see in the gallery below is just fiction – “a love letter to automotive design,” as the designer explains – it follows its own philosophy. “Driving still matters” – a lightweight and compact RWD electric coupe with a small 30-kilowatt-hour battery pack and an 800-volt architecture. All that should be possible thanks to Hyundai’s transformative E-GMP platform, which underpins the brand’s production battery-powered models.

If it does look very familiar to you, that’s because this Pony Coupe concept is heavily inspired by the N Vision 74 concept. The two share the same basic design language – that edgy styling and dotted front and rear fascias – but the virtual model features a less dramatic aerodynamic setup for better everyday usability. And yes – this also means the massive rear wing is no longer part of the package.

"The Pony Coupe's every detail has been crafted with a view to mass production. There are no direct replicas of body panels from the original concept car or the N Vision 74, but their spirit is vibrantly alive in this modern reinterpretation," designer Brian Kim explains.

As far as Hyundai’s plans for a production version of the N Vision 74 are concerned, it seems that the company is still undecided about the future of the concept. Most recently, Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai’s chief creative officer, said the automaker is “serious” about the future of the vehicle, though that doesn’t necessarily mean a production version is under development. Especially considering the earlier statements from the marque that there are no plans to put the N Vision 74 concept into commercial production.