Here's an interesting car with a fascinating story. The 18-year-old buyer of this classic Studebaker Champion claims to remember a past life and lives as if it's still the 1940s. The retro coupe now receives a much-needed wash. 

Caden, the owner, bought this Studebaker intending to turn it into a daily driver. That's going to take quite a bit of work. The first step is for WD Detailing to clean the car. 

The exterior is in good shape with no major rust spots. The cabin is another story, though. Rodents have made a home there seemingly for decades. It has been long enough for a bunch of bones to collect in the boot. Also, the fabric on the seats isn't savable. The dashboard has lots of rust, but the gauges appear to be in decent condition.

Even with the cleaning down, Caden has lots of work to do if he ever wants to drive his Studebaker. All signs suggest that a new engine is necessary, and an entire drivetrain replacement might be a requirement, too. After sitting for so long, the brakes would also need attention. Plus, there are no seats. 

WD Detailing also interviews Caden. He tells his story of an alleged past life as a Ford salesman in Montana in the 1940s. This person died in a car accident in 1961.

Caden dresses in attire from the period. He has a collection of typewriters. His old-school cathode-ray tube TV needs repairing.

This car is a third-generation Studebaker Champion. The model debuted for the 1947 model year. The coupes, like this one, featured a wraparound rear window that provided a futuristic look for the era. A 2.8-litre inline-six provided the power.

The video doesn't specify what model year this Champion is from. However, the 1950 has a different nose, suggesting this one is from between 1947 and 1949.