Patiently awaiting the delivery of their next new hypercar, the Triple F Collection is anticipating the day when their Rimac Nevera finally arrives on US soil from the factory in Croatia. Having built great relationships with supercar and hypercar manufacturers, Jordan and Jason continue to receive regular updates on the status of their incoming exotic cars.

On the newest upload to its YouTube channel, Triple F Collection was sent a special video from Bugatti Rimac CEO Mate Rimac regarding some of the quality control tests performed on their Nevera spec.

On location at the Rimac factory in Croatia, Mate Rimac gives the guys a glimpse at their configuration in protection wrap before taking it on a personal test drive to ensure everything is perfect. Mate takes the stunning blue Nevera on his commute home after work, effortlessly conducting multiple 0-190 mph launches and intense braking manoeuvres.

After bringing the 1,914 bhp electric hypercar back to work in the morning, Mate Rimac returns the Nevera back to his team for a few final adjustments. With delivery day set for the Triple F Collection's Event III: 2023 Hypercar Showcase, Mate also reveals that he will be in Ohio to personally present the Nevera.