With its immense all-electric power and incredibly impressive engineering, the new Rimac Nevera seeks to redefine the word “hypercar” and set the standard for the latest generation of ultimate automotive performance.

Already, it’s broken plenty of records and boasted titles as one of the fastest electric cars and one of the fastest cars full-stop of all time. With this kind of reputation, the fact that production has begun for the car and customers are receiving their examples is incredibly exciting for the entire automotive world.

This past February, the first UK Rimac Nevera customer took delivery of a Nevera hypercar at Rimac’s exclusive UK retailer, H.R. Owen. The car is a result of close collaboration between the customer, H.R. Owen, and Rimac’s design team, and it’s finished in Nemesis Green with Vertex Wheels and the Level 2 Carbon package, boasting exposed carbon fibre accents throughout.

As well as being beautiful, the car is a formidable performer, having recently achieved 23 acceleration and braking records in a single day with unprecedented 0-60 times, a 256-mph top speed, and an incredible 0-249 mph-0 test result, as well. Being such an incredible car inside and out, the Rimac Nevera is already starting to change the automotive world.

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