Going on the road with a motorhome can be both satisfying and uncomfortable, depending on what you're using as accommodation. Some people like sleeping in a tiny space and others want to feel at home when travelling.

And while the latter isn't impossible to experience, it usually involves very deep pockets, as a decent large motorhome trailer will easily set you back over £100,000. But what if there's another way to live at home, even when you're on the road?

Well, the video embedded at the top of this page tried to answer this question by showcasing a tiny house on wheels that can be legally towed in all 50 states but when you decide it's time for a break, it can transform into a two-story house at the push of a button.

The 6.4 metre (21-foot) trailer is made by a startup called Wilderwise which is owned by Arya and Laurence, and they've been living in it as a sort of experiment during which they've travelled over 6,600 miles throughout the United States.

Using a motorised system, the top part of the trailer raises to make room for an extra story that has space for an office and a bedroom with a queen size bed. There are also plenty of cabinets upstairs that can store all kinds of things and provide some sort of separation between two spaces.

Downstairs, storage can be found pretty much everywhere, from the couch to the stools and inside the staircase. Here is also where the fully equipped kitchen galley is located, with its sink, induction cooktop, fridge, convection oven, dishwasher, and washer/dryer combo.

The bathroom, which is also downstairs, has a full-size shower, sink with vanity mirror, and a composting toilet that doesn't require a black water tank.

The trailer comes pre-wired for mains electricity and has all the necessary plumbing, including a grey water tank that can be emptied via an external outlet, but it doesn't have a photovoltaic system. Instead, there are a couple of 12-volt batteries that can keep the lights on and the toilet functioning when the power cuts out or if you just want to camp for a single night.

The tiny house on wheels also has a 110-volt mini split air conditioning system and ducting that moves the cold air throughout the interior, including upstairs where it can get pretty hot in direct sunlight.

Built on an aluminium exoskeleton, the trailer has a starting price of $85,000 (approx. £69,000), which really doesn't sound like a lot for what is basically a 28 m2 (295-square-foot) house that can be towed anywhere in the country.