It's safe to say 2022 wasn't a great year for the Taycan in terms of sales considering deliveries went down by 16 percent to 34,801 units. Porsche put the blame on supply chain bottlenecks as some components were hard to obtain throughout the year. Q1 2023 wasn't any better either since volume dropped by 3 percent compared to the same quarter of last year, with the house of Zuffenhausen delivering 9,152 cars between January and March.

In the meantime, a mid-cycle update is being tested in a bid to rejuvenate sales. Our spies caught a prototype resting at the Nürburgring while hiding its styling revisions under cleverly applied body-coloured camouflage. It's easy to spot the "HD Matrix" lettering inside the headlights, representing a new technology that debuted with the 2024 Cayenne as optional equipment. There are more than 32,000 pixels per headlamp and the brightness is automatically adjusted in more than 1,000 ways.

Porsche Taycan facelift spy photos

We can't tell what's going on with the front bumper since it has black plastic pieces tacked on to hide what we assume is a new design. With this only being a facelift, the side profile is virtually unchanged. That being said, we can't remember the last time when we saw the Porsche crest in black and white on the wheel centre caps.

The most obvious novelty is at the rear where the prototype had a discreet spoiler. It's likely reserved for a spicy version, albeit not as hot as other test vehicles that were spotted a while ago with a massive rear wing. As with the front bumper, the rear one is disguised at its corners to hide the revisions. The hilarious "TDI" badge we saw a while ago on a big-winged car was not applied here.

One of the adjacent spy shots allows us to peek inside the cabin where the dashboard appears to have been slightly revised. The area above the digital instrument cluster looks fuller than before as the screen (thankfully) no longer sticks out as much. The black cabin makes generous use of Alcantara and leather, while the cup holder ahead of the central armrest has a Porsche-branded bottle or flask.

It's unclear whether Porsche intends to show the Panamera facelift first, or this updated Taycan. Logic tells us one of them should debut in the latter half of the year, and our money is on the model with combustion engines.