With the Prologue concept, Toyota previewed the design of the next-generation C-HR. At the time, we thought the show car looks a little too futuristic and the design will be simplified for the production version of the crossover. Today, we are happy to report the next-gen C-HR will in fact look a lot like the Prologue. And we have the first spy photos to prove that.

Our photographers on the Nurburgring sent us the shots you see in the gallery below. They show a C-HR trial vehicle lapping the famous German track with a fully camouflaged body. That body, however, appears to be in its final production form and it strongly reminds us of the Prologue’s shapes. The headlights and taillights, although almost completely disguised, look production-ready, too.

Gallery: 2024 Toyota C-HR spy photos

Of course, not every line is identical with the Prologue. Looking at the front, for example, the concept had a more ornamented bumper, while at the back, the design of the diffuser looks different. Also, the concept had its rear door handles located on the outer corners of the taillights, whereas this prototype has a more conventional layout with what appear to be flush door handles. That stylish three-section spoiler above the rear window stays unmodified, though.

Toyota hasn’t said much about the new C-HR but it has at least confirmed the model will offer significantly more space inside the cabin thanks mainly to the shorter overhangs and possibly a slightly longer wheelbase. We also know the crossover is being developed by Toyota’s European Design Development centre in southern France and won’t be available in the United States where it was crowned as the least satisfying car in a customer survey last year.

Another thing that looks certain at this point is the availability of a plug-in powertrain for the new C-HR. We can’t tell whether this prototype is a PHEV as there’s just a single port visible on the rear left wing/fender. Aside from the plug-in version, the crossover will also be sold with Toyota’s self-charging hybrid technology. When we will know all the details? There’s no exact launch date announced yet but the company promises the vehicle “will soon be turning heads on roads all around Europe."