Whilst most car enthusiasts might know Goodwood for its annual Festival of Speed which sees cars gather at the idyllic and historic location, dog lovers come to the same venue for Goodwoof, an event in which 8,000 dogs gather for a “canine celebration.” One thing that both of these events have in common besides their location of Goodwood is the fact that Bentley has a presence at both.

Gallery: Bentley At Goodwoof

The centrepiece of Bentley’s activities at Goodwoof was a special Bentley Bentayga S, which was called “Bentley the Sheepdog,” and decorated with a wrap that featured a Bentley dog tag and fur. Its treats: a wash, a charge of its hybrid battery, and a vacuum.

Rich Morris designed the wrap, and it took four days to complete. Other activities that Bentley provided included a VIP dog park, in which Bentley owners, as well as owners of dogs named Bentley were given access, with the dogs entering through a red carpet with “pup-arazzi,” who were able to snap over 2,000 pictures of dogs having the time of their lives. This incredible event was only made even better by Bentley’s presence.

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