It's only been a month since Mercedes unveiled the 2024 E-Class and BMW is ready to fight back. Say hello to the revamped 5 Series, internally known by its "G60" codename. Available globally with petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric powertrains, the luxury saloon should have something for everyone. Well, except for a V8-powered version since the M550i is a no-show, at least for the time being.

Spy shots and teaser images have painted an accurate picture of what to expect from the design. The key word here is "evolutionary" since BMW refrained from adopting the controversial styling cues of the 7 Series, X7, and XM. According to the company's Head of Design, Domagoj Dukec, the intent was to "create the most elegant BMW." The statement was made at a private unveiling of the new 5er prior to today's world premiere.

BMW i5 M60 xDrive (2023)

Have they succeeded? You'll be the judge of that. In the meantime, it's worth pointing out Dukec told us the design team didn't play it safe as a "reaction to people blaming us for [the appearance of the] XM or 7 Series." He went on to say people buying those larger cars are "expressive, status-oriented customers" who want to show off their prized possessions whereas the typical 5 Series buyer desires something more conservative. Consequently, there's no gigantic grille flanked by split headlights. Dukec describes the car's design as being "almost more Italian than BMWs before."

You can't necessarily tell from these official images, but the new 5 Series has significantly grown in size. It has been stretched by 86 millimetres (3.4 inches) to 5,060 mm (199.2 in) whilst its width has increased by 33 mm (1.3 in) to 1,900 mm (74.8 in). With BMW engineering the car to accommodate a battery pack for the i5, it had to be lifted by 35 mm (1.4 in) to 1,515 mm (59.6 in). Rear-seat legroom should be even better now that the wheelbase has been elongated by 20 mm (0.8 in) to 2,995 mm (117.9 in). The drag coefficient is 0.23.

Whilst the exterior is not a complete departure from the old model, the interior has been fully redesigned. BMW has implemented its dual-screen setup but with a twist as the new 5 Series uses the iDrive 8.5 shared with the recently introduced i7 M70. It promises to deliver a more intuitive user interface with QuickSelect functionality that consists of grouped shortcuts on the home screen without having to navigate through submenus. The screen size is unchanged compared to other models as you still get a 12.3-inch driver's display and a 14.9-inch touchscreen.

BMW i5 eDrive40 (2023)

Cargo capacity is 520 litres (18.4 cubic feet) for the ICE and PHEV versions and 490 litres (17.3 cu ft) for the EV. If folding the 40:20:40 rear bench still doesn't provide you with the necessary volume, the more practical 5 Series Touring will go on sale in Europe next spring with all types of powertrains.

Speaking of what's under the bonnet, the 5 Series lineup will kick off in the United Kingdom with the base 520i. It has a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 205 bhp and 243 lb-ft. The four-pot mill sends power to the rear wheels and helps the 520i hit 62 mph in 7.5 seconds.

2024 BMW i5 M60
2024 BMW i5 eDrive40

If you're ready to make the switch to an EV, the i5 comes in eDrive40 and M60 flavours. The former has a single motor mounted at the rear, good for 335 bhp and 295 lb-ft (317 lb-ft with overboost) to hit 60 mph in 5.7 seconds before reaching an electronically capped 120 mph. The latter uses a dual-motor setup with a meaty 593 bhp and 549 lb-ft (605 lb-ft with overboost).

This electric M Performance variant hits 62 mph from a standstill in as little as 3.8 seconds and continues to accelerate until an electronic limiter kicks in at 143 mph. Both zero-emission 5er models share a battery pack with a usable capacity of 84.3 kWh. BMW estimates the RWD model will do 296 - 361 WLTP miles on a single charge whilst the more potent AWD should cover 282 - 320 WLTP miles. Full details about the two electric 5 Series models can be found at our sister website, InsideEVs.

2024 BMW i5 eDrive40
2024 BMW i5 eDrive40

The G60 represents BMW's first production model to support lane changes with eye activation. You just look in one of the side mirrors and let the car do all the work for you. Ok, it's not as simple as that since the 5 Series must be equipped with the optional Driving Assistant Professional, which includes the Highway Assistant that operates at speeds of up to 85 mph. Eye activation only works when a lane change is suggested by the car, with the driver confirming the move by looking in the corresponding rearview mirror. This will give BMW owners one more reason not to use the turn signal stalk.

This eighth-generation 5er is also the first BMW to be offered with a fully vegan interior. Speaking of the cabin, the standard slid-and-tilt moonroof can be optionally replaced with a panoramic roof that boosts the viewing area by nearly 90 percent, spanning nearly the entire surface of the roof.

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Max Power (bhp)

Peak Torque (Nm)

(0-62mph) (secs)

Top Speed (mph)**

Electric Range  (WLTP) (miles)

(WLTP) (g/km)

Fuel Consumption Combined (WLTP) (mpg)

Retail Price

BMW 520i






144 - 130

44.14 – 49.56


BMW i5 eDrive40





296 - 361




BMW i5 M60 xDrive





282 - 320




The 5 Series will have its global market launch in October. In the US, the 530i starts at $57,900, followed by the 530i xDrive at $60,200 and the 540i xDrive at $64,900. The i5 eDrive40 retails from $66,800 while the i5 M60 can be had from $84,100. All prices exclude the $995 destination and handling fees. It’s worth noting that the 540i xDrive will arrive slightly later since production won't start until November. BMW USA mentions a plug-in hybrid version will be introduced at some point in 2024.

Outside of the US, BMW will sell the 2024 5 Series also as 520i, 520d, and 520d xDrive models from launch. The 530e and 550e xDrive plug-in hybrids will join them in Europe next spring. In addition, there are also plans to launch a six-cylinder diesel on the Old Continent at some point in 2024 when another xDrive-equipped i5 will be be introduced, likely positioned below the M60.

BMW 5 Series range is priced from £49,850 for the 520i, £73,200 for the i5 eDrive40, and £96,840 for the i5 M60. Customer deliveries commence in October 2023.