It seems that there might be some sort of miscommunication at Hyundai - the South Korean automaker isn’t really sure what to do with the brilliant N Vision 74 concept. As far as we know – and that was confirmed by the company in an emailed statement to – the show car isn’t going into production anytime soon. However, a high-ranked Hyundai executive recently said the firm is “serious” about the model’s future.

TopGear had the opportunity to chat with Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai’s chief creative officer, who told the publication the company is serious about potentially getting the N Vision 74 concept into production. This is contradictory to Hyundai’s statement sent to us earlier this month so we will take this new information with a healthy dose of scepticism.

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“I hate show business,” Donckerwolke told TopGear. "I hate doing show cars and then – nothing. We are serious about this. This could come into production. We have the platform - it’s a motorsport platform.”

There doesn’t seem to be much hope for a production hydrogen-electric sports coupe from South Korea, though. An earlier report from South Korea's Money Today claimed a street-legal version of the car is going to debut on May 27 in Seoul. However, Hyundai spokesperson Derek Joyce told Carscoops that the concept will remain purely a one-off project. Later, a Hyundai representative confirmed that with us as well.

But according to TopGear, the idea for the N Vision 74 concept initially came from Hyundai’s top management team, which could probably mean the road to a production version is shorter. Donckerwolke also confirmed that the show car was “something that came from management” and “it’s always good when the management is telling you [to do it].” Even if there is a production version on the way after all – again, something that doesn’t seem likely to us at this point – it will come in the form of a “limited series,” according to Donkerwolke.