Lexmoto is a motorcycle manufacturer based in the UK that specialises in accessible two-wheelers for beginner riders. We previously talked about the brand's sportbikes that give A1 license holders a selection of affordable, albeit stylish bikes. This time around, the brand has released a new 300cc scooter that follows the growing trend of adventure scooters.

It's called the Lexmoto XDV 300, and just like the growing number of adventure scooters hitting the market, it's proof that scooters need not be boring, and can go beyond the confines of paved roads. With its sleek yet rugged design, it's sure to turn heads wherever it goes. But it's not just about looks—the XDV 300 boasts an array of impressive features that enhance both the riding experience and practicality. One of the standout features of the Lexmoto XDV 300 is its heated grips. This addition provides riders with the luxury of keeping their hands warm and comfortable, especially in the UK's constantly rainy weather. 

Lexmoto Launches The XDV 300 Adventure Scooter In The UK

To further enhance rider comfort, the XDV 300 is equipped with an adjustable windscreen. This allows riders to customise the airflow and protection they receive, providing an optimal riding experience based on their preferences and riding conditions. The full-LED lighting system on the Lexmoto XDV 300 also effectively illuminates the road ahead, while giving the two-wheeler a premium look. Lastly, the XDV 300 is equipped with a large, data-extensive, fully-digital instrument cluster. 

When it comes to performance, the Lexmoto XDV 300 is pretty much at par with other scooters of its displacement class. It is equipped with a Euro5-compliant, 279cc, single-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power output of 25.5 bhp at 8,250rpm. It's rated at a claimed top speed of 128 kilometres per hour, or about 80 miles per hour. Engine aside, the scooter gets rather long-travel suspension hardware from KYB, as well as a front and rear ABS-equipped disc brakes. 

Lexmoto Launches The XDV 300 Adventure Scooter In The UK

Last but not least, the Lexmoto XDV 300 comes standard with quite a lot of luggage space. Apart from the under-seat and apron storage, the scooter is equipped with a set of side panniers and a rather large top case. This makes it perfect for long, multi-day trips out of town. On top of that, its long, spacious saddle looks more than capable of transporting a rider and a passenger in comfort for miles on end. 

In terms of pricing and availability, the Lexmoto XDV 300 is offered in the UK market starting at £4,699. For more information on the Lexmoto XDV 300, as well as the other offerings in Lexmoto's lineup, check out their website linked below.