The Ferrari SF90 Stradale introduced a new hybrid approach to Ferrari’s incredible performance, combining a V8 engine with electric motors to make an all-wheel drive supercar that eclipsed even the legendary LaFerrari with its mind-blowing lap time around the Fiorano Circuit.

However, not long after it came the Ferrari 296 GTB, the first since the Dino that didn’t wear a Ferrari badge to have a V6 engine, which Ferrari calls the “Piccolo V12,” and despite the engine’s size, it combines with electric motors to produce a total of 819 bhp.

In a race between the two, it might seem obvious that the 986-bhp, all-wheel drive SF90 Stradale would win, but with lighter weight and an impressive power-to-weight ratio, the 296 GTB is poised to put up a good fight.

Whilst the SF90 Stradale did end up getting ahead, especially in the rainy weather the race was conducted in, the Ferrari 296 GTB was close behind, taking 10.3 seconds to cover the quarter-mile rather than the SF90’s 9.9.

Hybrid technology has made for some incredible supercars throughout the industry, and the Ferraris that employ it are some of the best cars to come from the Prancing Horse brand yet.

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