The classic barn find story is that a vehicle goes into a structure, and people forget about them for decades. That's not the case with the classic sports cars in this video.

Owner Helen Corbett knows the complete history of the 1978 Porsche 911 SC in her garage. It originally belonged to her father-in-law and then her husband. Unfortunately, he passed away before fully being able to enjoy the car. She kept a binder full of documents going back to her father-in-law's purchase in the mid-1980s.

There's also a Triumph TR6 in the garage. Helen's husband got it as a retirement project as something to wrench on. Sadly, it hasn't moved since entering the space. 

The 911 is the star of the show, though. The first step is un-seizing the brakes. They really aren't too bad because a few taps with a mallet free them. Also, one tyre is flat.

Next, the car receives a light wash. This is not a full-on detailing. Rinsing and some soap is enough to make a significant difference in the vehicle's appearance.

Getting the 911 running is the hardest part. There's no oil in it. The evidence suggests Helen's husband was preparing to do a tune-up with fresh oil, a filter, and spark plugs. For whatever reason, that never happened, though. 

The car finally receives that work. However, that's not enough to get the engine running. It cranks over without problems, and the engine is getting a spark. This suggests a lack of fuel is the major problem.

The team tries to create a solution by bypassing the fuel tank and rigging up a temporary alternative. This is only slightly successful, though. The 911 manages to bark to life briefly, but it never settles into an idle. 

It doesn't seem like someone can get this car running using simple tools, but an expert mechanic might not need to do much to fix things. A thorough refresh of the fuel system from the lines to the pumps and everything else would probably be enough to make this 911 roadworthy again.