A bus might not offer a lot of living space, but a thoughtful layout and design can make for a lovely home. A family of three did just that, converting an old bus into their mobile home.

The front of the bus is lined with a pair of couches that face each other. The two can transform into an extra bed for guests. It’s also where the family works, with most of the meals eaten outside. 

There’s a sizeable kitchen behind the living room, with ample counter space on the side with a large sink. The other side of the kitchen features a residential-sized refrigerator (with a two-drawer freezer) and a stove. There’s a hood vent underneath the microwave and ample cabinet space underneath the counters – enough for a water filtration system and a Keurig. The kitchen also has a floor-to-ceiling pantry packed with drawers for easy access.

The middle of the bus features the bathroom on one side and the bunk for the family’s teenager. The hallway, which has a door to separate it from the front of the bus and the bunk, is lined with closets for the bathroom linens and the family’s clothes. A washer/dryer combo lines in the hallway, with the bathroom tucked to one side, which has a composting toilet. The bus has a 40-gallon (176 litre) fresh water tank and a 48-gallon (211 litre) grey water one.

The bedroom at the back is as big as the mattress to maximise living space. Overhead cabinets and a large shelf provide storage space, but there isn’t any space to walk around. It’s strictly for sleeping, although the bedroom has a ledge around it for smaller items like phones and clocks.

The exterior of the bus is just as practical as the interior. It has a motorhome-style door with a screen, an electric 18-foot (5.5 metre) awning, and motorhome windows. It also has extra underbody storage. At the back, the emergency exit opens to access storage space underneath the back bedroom.

The family’s school bus conversion is just the latest in a line of homemade creations we’re seeing. People are exploring new ways to live and using school buses to achieve their dreams. The design possibilities are endless, and seeing what people create is always exciting.