The realism of many 1:18 scale models is amazing. Set against the right backdrop and they create a lifelike scene out of an ordinary world. The realism is limited only by the imagination and skills of the modeller. One of the best at creating these scenes is the person behind the Miniature Automobiles YouTube Channel, who just released this video of a scale model Mercedes-Benz Citan making auto part deliveries.   

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is a small van similar to the Nissan NV200 or Ford Transit Connect. Popular in other parts of the world, these vehicles strike a balance between their small size and ample cargo room, making them versatile delivery vehicles. However, small vans never quite caught on in the US, which prefers vans like the large Ram ProMaster or full-size Ford Transit.   

Like other 1:18 scale vehicles in Miniature Automobiles' videos, the Citan is intricately detailed and lifelike down to the instrument panel gauges, infotainment display screen, and switches on the console. The suspension provides a full range of motion, allowing the wheels to pivot and move up and down over rocky terrain and unpaved roads. One really nice touch is the rear cargo doors which swing open 180 degrees to allow full access to the van's interior. 

Loaded with boxes of motor oil and car parts, the Citan makes deliveries to 1:18 scale auto parts stores and possibly even a 1:18 scale Mercedes-Benz car dealership. The stores add to the life-like realism with interior lighting and store advertisements on the windows and doors. You almost expect someone to walk in and pick up a set of brake pads for their BMW or walk out with a remanufactured water pump for an old Ford Mustang.     

Depending on your perspective, scale models are either a trivial pursuit for adults or a chance to indulge your fancy by creating your own world. They provide hours of entertainment for the modeler or for people who like videos of these tiny worlds, an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the skill and imagination of those who create them.