Many people dream of a life on the road when they retire. For one German couple, that dream became true about seven years ago when they purchased and upgraded their dream motorhome – a Mitsubishi Fuso overlander that has everything you could ask for. And a few things you’ve probably never thought of.

During the first few years, Olly and Harriet used the camper only during their vacations. Starting last May, however, the couple switched to full-time travelling with their transformed 2016 Mitsubishi Fuso. The machine weighs around 6,800 kilograms (15,000 pounds) when fully loaded and returns an average of 15 miles per gallon, which is quite impressive for such a massive vehicle.

Who built the overlander? Olly and Harrier wanted to give that job to someone who knows their job but that was a relatively difficult task in Germany. At the time, the overlanding segment was too niche, and finding a proven builder wasn’t easy. 

As the video above shows, the living area isn’t exactly what we would describe as a luxury place but it’s very bright and comfortable. The couple says they like bright colours and materials in combination with more windows for a really spacious feeling in the otherwise compact area. Large storage compartments, a petrol-powered oven, and a 300-litre (79-gallon) water tank ensure the couple always has what it needs to spend nights in the wild.

The size of the bathroom could be considered a little too big with a lot of wasted space but Olly and Harriet wanted a more comfortable bathroom. The water tank is big enough for about two and a half weeks without a need for a refill, which is impressive for such a compact machine. Next to the bathroom is the camper’s fridge, which the couple says would definitely need a change if they make a new motorhome one day.