With over 3 million Instagram followers, Champagne Rose is a force of nature when it comes to Internet presence, and when she decided to commission a Rolls-Royce Ghost, she decided to make it complement that very presence even further with a stunning bespoke configuration.

The pink exterior colour of the car is named “Champagne Rose” after her, and it is and will stay completely unique, meaning that the colour is exclusively reserved for her and her only.

Gallery: Champagne Rose Rolls-Royce Ghost

However, that’s just the beginning, because any luxury car enthusiast knows that the true magic of a Rolls-Royce is in the interior. The treadplates are decorated with “Champagne Rose” and Rolls-Royce’s signature Starlight Headliner has been modified to create a special Champagne Rose version.

The Champagne Rose colour also is seen in the interior upholstery, with a rose motif embroidered on the rear seats, and decorated on the picnic tables that come with the car as well.

Rolls-Royce’s abilities to create incredible cars, especially in its bespoke division, are just about limitless for the client, and the result is an unimaginably perfect execution of the vision that came from this special client’s unique aesthetic, presented at a private event in her home city of Miami.

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