The Lamborghini Countach is arguably one of the most important supercars in the brand’s history. It introduced the scissor doors that remain a Lamborghini staple today, as well as the bold and angular styling that still characterises Lamborghini’s most iconic and desirable cars. That’s why the Fighting Bull brand decided to create the Countach LPI 800-4, a V12 hybrid supercar with styling that echoes the original.

In a new Instagram post, Lamborghini shows off the new Countach next to an original Countach, complete with a configuration that looks like the original.


Both cars are finished in white with matching white wheels, and the interiors boast white as well, paired with red for a striking contrast. Lamborghini’s caption says “Our two types of Countach prove one point: time is irrelevant for icons.” and the look of both of these cars proves it.

Even after decades, the edgy, angular design of the original Countach still looks futuristic and striking, which is why its design language didn’t just seamlessly translate to the new Countach, but also continues to influence the design language of Lamborghini today.

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