Train crashes are often very nasty – we’ve seen a fair amount of them and the outcome has never been good. We can’t even imagine what kind of shock it is to get hit by a machine that is tens if not hundreds of times heavier than your vehicle. For an Audi A4 driver in Bulgaria, the shock was probably way too much as he did what seemed to be the most irrational thing after surviving a heavy impact with a train.

The video you see attached at the top of this page shows the seconds after the black saloon got hit by a train on a railway crossing. We don’t know all the circumstances surrounding the accident but according to comments from users on social media, the Audi driver was to blame for the crash. There are no police reports available yet to confirm that, though.

The good news is that no one was injured and the driver escaped the vehicle unharmed. What happened next, however, was inexplicable – the guy started throwing rocks at the front window of the vehicle in an attempt to break it and get into the car again. The ultimate goal was to find and save his phone from the burning car.

The man filming the video advised him to stop looking for his phone and instead try to push the car back on its wheels. Just a few seconds later, a fire extinguisher came into action and it was apparently from the car’s safety kit, which flew out of the boot during the crash. Local media reports the car had a liquefied petroleum gas system with an LPG tank in the boot. Thankfully, it didn’t explode and the fire was successfully extinguished.