It's fair to say it was an interesting workday for the Milton District Response Unit in Ontario, Canada as they pulled over the driver of a Porsche Panamera with what appeared to be a missing rear number plate. That doesn't seem all that unusual at first glance, but the second-generation 4S had its rear plate deliberately tucked away with an aftermarket device. Clearly, someone took inspiration from James Bond’s gadget-packed cars.

According to a tweet published by the Halton Regional Police, the stealth device works at the literal push of a button, which was mounted inside the Porsche's cabin. The driver was able to hide the number plate on the fly for various reasons, the most obvious being to avoid paying the Highway 407 toll fees. Hopefully, it's just for that as movies have taught us the cloaking device is also suitable for getaway cars.


The incident happened last night, and the driver was obviously charged. Common sense tells us someone who can afford a current-gen Panamera can easily pay toll fees, regardless of how pricey they are. However, that didn't stop this driver from trying to avoid having to pay the tax, and it would be interesting to know for how long they've been doing it. Now that they've been caught red-handed, will they stop? Your guess is as good as ours.

Because people on the Internet are helpful, some of the replies to the tweet posted by HRPS Milt HHills include links to shops where one can purchase such a device. We obviously won't list them here, but yes, they do exist, and not just on the dark web. One commenter half-joked: "What website can I avoid buying from? Just so I know to steer away from it." In the same spirit, another one said: "Anyone have a link to where I can buy such a device? I'm asking for a friend."