We've seen our fair share of spy shots depicting the Ferrari 812 Superfast replacement, but all of them featured test mules wearing a modified Roma body. The new V12 machine from Maranello has entered the next development stage as a prototype has now been caught by car paparazzi Derek Cornelissen featuring the production body. For this reason, the Prancing Horse decided to heavily camouflage the vehicle to better conceal the final design.

The absence of yellow high-voltage stickers leads us to believe the high-performance coupe will not be a hybrid. If our assumption is correct, this is going to be one of the last V12 Ferrari models to do away with electrification, unless it'll have a mild-hybrid setup. Either way, collectors will be all over this car. Even with the heavy camo, it’s pretty clear the 812 successor will not be a twelve-cylinder Roma even though the sloping roofline is similar.

Ferrari 812 Superfast replacement spy photos

Peeking through the mesh camo at the front are massive air intakes you’re not going to find on a Roma, which uses a smaller V8 engine. The rear looks a bit unfinished since it's missing the trim piece around the dual exhaust, but we do notice the tailgate has a different shape compared to the Roma's. It's gently curved where it meets the taillights rather than being flat. Overall, the prototype is giving us the impression of a more aggressive-looking car.

When the wraps come off, don't be too surprised if that V12 will be even more powerful than in the 812 Competizione. Ferrari has already said it has the know-how to unlock extra prancing horses on top of the 819 bhp. Similarly, torque might also increase a bit from 510 pound-feet (692 Newton-metres).

Since Ferrari has just started testing the 812 successor with its own body, it tells us the official reveal won’t take place in the near future. The exotic Italian brand has promised to reveal four models this year, with three left since we’ve already seen the Roma Spider. One of them should be this car, along with a hardcore SF90 Stradale.