TVR is an unusual British manufacturer known for making lightweight sports cars with powerful engines. At one time, it was the third largest specialised sports car manufacturer in the world but was always a rare sight on US roads. This particular TVR 280i was a rare sight in the WD Detailing garage recently. But not just because it was a TVR but a TVR infested with ants. 

WD Detailing does all kinds of car cleanup projects and shares a lot of videos on its YouTube channel. We've seen them tackle an abandoned Austin Healey Sprite that sat outside for 31 years as well as a 1955 Studebaker Champion with the largest mouse nest they've ever seen. But those cars are nothing like the TVR with a colony of ants. 

The TVR 280i is one of about 1,200 built between 1984 and 1987. It has a 2.8-litre Ford Cologne V6 engine and shares parts with a variety of cars, including a Ford Sierra, Jaguar XJ-S, Lotus Esprit, and Delorean DMC. The wedge shape makes it look like a Triumph TR7, a car it gets frequently mistaken for. 

Like all of WD Detailing's videos, it starts with pressure washing the exterior. The car's body is in good shape and is rust-free because it's made of fibreglass. In no time, the outside of the car is clean and looking presentable. Next, it's time to tackle the interior, and that's when things start to go south. 

To say the car is bug-infested doesn't do the problem justice.  There are two large wasps nests in the sun visor. The carpet is growing grass. But the worst part is the active colony of ants. Under every carpet layer, the team finds a swarm of ants scurrying around. It's not one area, but the whole interior of the car is completely infested. The WD Detailing team doesn't know whether to tear out the carpet or call Orkin.  

After setting off bug bombs and letting the car sit overnight, it's back to work cleaning the interior. Once done, the car doesn't look half bad. It's unclear if the TVR is salvageable, but we hope someone will bring it to life again now that the ant problem has been eliminated.