The C8 Chevrolet Corvette is plenty fast in its base Stingray trim. Specifically, Chevy lists an official top speed of 194 mph for the 'Vette, provided it doesn't have the optional Z51 package which adds a bit more drag. We don't know if the blue C8 featured in this new AutoTopNL video is equipped as such, but it doesn't waste time reaching well beyond 150 mph ... when traffic allows.

That's what makes this video a bit different from other autobahn speed runs we've seen from the AutoTopNL team. Simply having a stretch of motorway with no speed limit doesn't always mean it's prudent to put the hammer down, but there are some breaks in the traffic where the Corvette can stretch things out. Even then, we see a maximum speedometer reading of 266 kph, which equals 165 mph. It's well short of the Corvette's official top speed, but with the car still pulling strong at that point, there's clearly more for the mid-mount V8 to give.

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That run comes during the second big pull of the video, relatively early on. It begins with a standing start to enter the motorway that also falls a bit short of published figures, though it's not a problem with the car. The driver either lifts or the traction control kicks in shortly after launching, resulting in a 0-60 time of approximately five seconds.

The 'Vette is redeemed later on, however, with a rolling pull from 60 to 142 mph taking 13 seconds. In an age where 800-horsepower cars aren't uncommon, it's worth remembering that the C8 Stingray wields a naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 making 490 bhp, or 495 with the Z51 package. It's certainly not slow by any definition, and the soundtrack isn't bad, either.

There's plenty of V8 rumble to enjoy in this clip, too, as traffic limits the opportunity to seek blistering speed. Even on sections where there are four lanes, things are busy to the point where it's just not prudent to flash past vehicles. However, as a reminder that this is a German autobahn, much of the "slow" traffic is still cruising just shy of 100 mph. At that pace, the C8 looks downright relaxing from the driver's perspective.