Goodwood has been Rolls-Royce’s home of production for 20 years, and situating its brand in one of the most historically significant places in the automotive world has been a great thing for the storied brand, as it has since solidified and even expanded its existing lauded reputation as one of the world’s most desirable luxury car brands. However, Rolls-Royce is happy to report that it’s not just a good thing for itself, but the society that surrounds it as well.

After completing a Landmark Economic Impact Analysis, Rolls-Royce has come to a few exciting conclusions, the biggest one being that since 2003 when Rolls-Royce arrived to Goodwood, it has contributed nearly £4 billion to the UK’s economy, and over £500 million is contributed each year.

The historic manufacturer is also one of the largest employers in West Sussex, employing 2,500 full-time equivalent jobs at Goodwood, and 7,500 more in other parts of the country. While the expensive and exclusive cars that Rolls-Royce makes might not be available to everyone to drive and own, the efforts of the historic brand result in other positive contributions for the entire United Kingdom.

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