Video streaming isn’t something unusual in new vehicles today. Many automakers offer this feature under different safety conditions, mostly when a car is stationary or has dedicated screens for passengers. But BMW now takes streaming services to another level by introducing Germany’s highest-tier football championship to the new 7 Series. And for cars equipped with the so-called BMW Theatre Screen, the passengers can enjoy the Bundesliga on the massive 31.3-inch panoramic rear display.

The Bavarian manufacturer announced its partnership with DFL Deutsche Football Liga, the organisation behind the Bundesliga championship, in January this year when selected content and live games were introduced to customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Initially, the streaming services were only available for the curved display on the dashboard when the car is parked but now BMW expands it by adding the rear Theatre Screen, too.

Gallery: Bundesliga on BMW Theater Screen

Meanwhile, the company also says it now offers the feature to new markets, including Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. Football isn’t nearly as popular in the United States as it is in Germany and other European countries, but BMW customers in America can now also enjoy Bundesliga matches. The programme is initially scheduled to run until the end of March next year but depending on the feedback and customer interest, BMW might expand its coverage.

As mentioned above, passengers in the rear seats can now enjoy content and live streaming of Bundesliga matches to the 7 Series’ massive 31.3-inch panoramic screen at the back. This is possible courtesy of the BMW Bundesliga In-Car App, which can be downloaded from the Fire TV app store. Live streaming is made possible thanks to the luxury saloon’s built-in 5G-enabled antenna.

If you want to watch Bundesliga matches on the front curved screen, the car needs to be static but there’s no such restriction for passengers on the rear seats. It’s worth mentioning that the Bundesliga streaming service has also been available for the iX since March 2023, while the X5, X6, and X7 will receive it later this month.