This certainly isn't the first time we've seen a black Porsche 911 with camouflage attacking the Nurburgring. Nor is it the first time we've seen a facelifted 911 GT3, which could debut later this year. But when the video is crisp and the sound is clear, we could happily watch these clips over and over. Especially when they open with a clear shot of the GT3's new digital dash.

That's exactly what we have in a fresh video from CarSpyMedia, coming straight from the infamous 'Ring. In a digital world, the 911's analogue tachometer has been a holdout but as we see at the start of the video, a new all-digital display is coming. At a glance, it looks like the current GT3. But a closer examination reveals differences in the redline, the needle, and there's no longer a bezel around the gauge.

But that's not why you clicked this article (mostly, anyway). Few vehicles sound as thrilling as a naturally aspirated 911 at full song, and the 4.0-litre flat-six is near the top of that pyramid with 502 high-revving bhp. The test driver in this particular prototype isn't shy about exercising them through the Nurburgring's endless corners, but could more power accompany the facelifted model? The rumour mill has been pretty quiet on that front, though any increases would likely be minimal, lest the standard GT3 encroach on the 518-bhp RS model that debuted less than a year ago.

As for the exterior changes, things are still relegated to the 911's backside where black covers hide updates to the fascia. Specifically, the covers are fastened to the corners, suggesting something different with the small winglets is happening. This particular prototype also has coverings stretching across the centre of the rear fascia, possibly trying to disguise changes to the number plate cutout and diffuser.

Curiously, our first spy shots of the updated 911 GT3 appeared not long after the GT3 RS debuted in August 2022. Given Porsche's track record of public testing, it's possible a debut could happen later this year. That would make the refreshed GT3 a 2024 model, but if the reveal is pushed back a bit, we could be looking at the 2025 Porsche 911 GT3.