Old BMWs from the '80s are a favourite among enthusiasts. They look arguably the coolest, especially with those straight lines and round lights. But what makes this second-generation BMW 7 Series even cooler is that it was previously owned by one of the main cast members of the hit show "Entourage."

Of note, Entourage is a comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO in 2004 and ran for eight seasons until 2011. The show follows the life of a young actor and his friends as they navigate the Hollywood scene.

In this detailing video, WD Detailing pulled out an aging BMW 740i out of a garage. According to its current owner, Billy Marty, the car was owned by none other than Kevin Dillon, who played Johnny "Drama" Chase on the show. Dillon is apparently a big fan of BMWs, and he owned several of them during his time on the show.

Marty got the car from Dillon and drove the car all the way from California to his home. It had been sitting in his garage for three years, collecting dust. 

Before the detailing work, the BMW 740i was in pretty decent shape but definitely needed some TLC. The exterior was covered in dust and grime, and the wheels were in need of some serious cleaning. 

After the wheels, the crew started to work on the rest of the exterior. They used a variety of detailing products to remove all of the dirt and grime and spent hours carefully polishing and waxing the car to bring back its shine. They also detailed the interior, which was still in great shape despite the car's age. 

As expected, the whole detailing process was satisfying to watch. The BMW 740i looked amazing after all the work, proving that '80s-era BMWs age like fine wine. WD Detailing knew that Kevin Dillon would be proud to see it back to its former glory.