Polestar, the electric vehicle (EV) maker under Geely, is set to expand its research and development operations in Europe by taking over part of Saab's former car plant in Sweden. The 15,000-square-metre building in Trollhattan, which was previously used by Saab and National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) for powertrain development, will be rented by Polestar from the city of Trollhattan.

According to the German publication Automobilwoche, the new R&D centre will primarily focus on powertrain development for the Polestar 5 and the Polestar 6 roadster. Additionally, the facility will be used for testing powertrains, electric motors, and batteries for the two models.

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The Trollhattan plant will be added to Polestar's R&D facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Coventry, England. In England, the company is working on its unnamed lightweight bonded aluminium platform that will underpin the Polestar 5 and Polestar 6. 

The Swedish automaker is preparing to launch its flagship Polestar 5 fastback saloon in 2025, with an expected starting price of around €82,000 (approx. £72,400). The company has drawn inspiration from its Precept concept, and the Polestar 5 is expected to rival the Porsche Taycan in terms of driving enjoyment.

Polestar is using a brand-specific aluminium spaceframe chassis and new electric motors to create a vehicle that it hopes will outperform competitors in its class.

Polestar has not released specific production plans for the 5, but rumours suggest that the saloon will be built on a specific production line in China, incorporating environmentally friendly techniques to ensure the facility is carbon-neutral.

The Polestar 5 will also come with an 800-volt battery architecture, enabling an 80 percent charge speed of 20 minutes using a DC fast charger, and a range of 372 miles in its most efficient form. The P10 electric motors will have a maximum power output of 884 bhp and 664 lb-ft in its highest spec, making the vehicle a worthy competitor of the Taycan Turbo S.